Making a List ...

I am a huge list person.

Constantly, there is a sheet of paper nearby that I write things down on.

Grocery list? Check.

Bill paying list? Check.

Errands list? Check.

And just that general all around To Do list ... check.

Unfortunately, too many list is not real effective ... especially when the grocery list is NOT with the errands list and such.

So here's what I TRY to do (and remember, please, that I am far far FAR from perfect!) ...

Take a scrap sheet of paper (I use the ones that are leftover after cutting off that one coupon on the top from the "bricks coupon printing".

Fold it in half so it's longer.

Now you have FOUR sections to write on.

I generally keep the grocery list and the errands list together in one section, especially now that the grocery list has shrunk tremendously (amazing what the removal of an 18 year old boy does to the budget!) So in addition to the cat litter (with coupon), cat food (with coupon), tp and lettuce, I also have, deposit, library and gas on that side of the paper. I also JUST wrote produce store. I hardly every write down what to get at the produce store, that's more of a 'what looks good' type of shopping for me.

In the next section, you can make that your general To Do List. Yeah. Laundry. Iron. Clean out guest fridge. Wash guest room sheets. That kind of stuff. Mine also has wash west windows. Uh huh. That's how detailed MY list is. Unfortunately, my To Do List takes up 2 columns ... I keep adding stuff, such as upload pics. Post pics to Good Food 2. Update Move It In September under the exercising blog (look to your right, in the upper part of that column and you will see these 2 blogs). Create and schedule posts about this and that (and unfortunately, this hardly ever disappears on my list because I can never do it) ...

Then I have a section just for bill paying stuff. I'm having issues with an American Express charge so that is TOP on the list of the bill paying stuff because I want to get it cleared up before I pay the bill. So mine reads: call AE, balance checkbook, pay bills, transfer funds, remainder balance (for the month).

I do cross off stuff as I get it done but sometimes it seems that I add more than cross off. But that's ok. That sheet of paper goes IN my purse because nothing is worse than being out and about and NOT having that all important list!

Linking up with Works for Me Wednesday because this definately works for me!


  1. How about using a gadget to record all of your list, it's really quite simple. You can use your phone cell.



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