While the Hubby is away

I've gone out with the girls, and now I need to tackle my LIST. Gads, what a list it is!

1. Clean South Windows (and sliding glass door)
2. Laundry: Wash, Dry, Iron, Fold, Hang
3. Grind coffee
4. Publix
5. Clean fridge out (Main, Guest, Garage)
6. Rearrange freezer (Main, Guest, Garage)
7. Menu Plan for week (Hubby home Monday, Sonny Boy graduates Tuesday, gym Wednesday and Thursday)
8. Pull recipes for menu plan
9. Clean closet floor (again?? Already?? Yes!)
10. Clean laundry room floor and countertop
11. Wash bathroom rugs (all 3)
12. Vacuum West side of house
13. Mop West side of house
14. Detail master bath: countertop, tub, shower, toilet, mirror, floor.
15. Clean mirrors on master bedroom closet doors
16. Clean off big table
17. Set postings (um, I never seem to get around to that!)
18. Clean big table. Once and for all
19. Organize those coupons (drats)
20. Make Graduation card
21. Set bill pay
22. balance check book
23. Remove checkbook from purse and stash
24. Remove debit and american express from wallet and stash
25. Place $20 for week in wallet and call it good (oh yeah, do you see this happening??)
26. Float in pool
27. Clean out swimsuit drawer. What? You don't have a drawer just for swimsuits? I live in south Florida folks, and swimsuits are pretty much part of the weekend wardrobe!
28. Clear garden (its cleared out, just need to put stuff away)
29. Figure out what to do with herbs ... plant in ground and keep fingers crossed? Continue to fight the heat and lack of water in little pots? Oh my, such decisions!
30. Dust bedroom. It needs it!

There you have it, my modified list with a few odd, fun things tossed in. And I still want to finish that book I'm reading (while floating in the pool of course!) I'm printing this out and putting on the counter to check off as I progress ... wish me luck!


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