Nachos My Way

Yeah, I know. It's not the healthiest thing. But I do make it 'better' by using my fresh tomato mix to top it off with.

Ummm, I also know it's not a real recipe so much as a process...but hey, I stunned my girlfriend the other night when I told her what I was eating :) Here she thought I had a vat of melted cheese ... uh no!

Tortilla Chips (I love the blue ones)

cheese of choice, shredded (Ummm, did you forget that we are the CHEESE family?)

Lay chips out on a microwave proof plate.

Top with cheese, doesn't really take a whole lot to satisfy.

Put in microwave on high for 45 seconds.


Top with salsa and sour cream if desired. Best IF you have fresh salsa or tomato stuff that you made (NOTE: I can totally recommend that stuff at Aldi's in the refrigerator section, it's all fresh stuff, no preservatives whatsoever, I'm addicited to the garlic artichoke stuff!)

Grab a fork (for scooping) and a napkin.

Sit at a table.


Fend off the animals (and husband) when they try to grab a chip.
I do consider this a frugal snack as it's almost always stuff I have on hand anyways ...

Go ahead, fess up...what's your favorite non-nutritional snack?


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