Making Do

I came across this description of a sandwich:

Herb Roast Chicken Breast sandwich, with fresh mozzarella, portabella mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and a pesto sauce.

The picture showed it as a pressed sandwich.

Yummm....I so see this in my very near future!

Now, to just find an acceptable pesto sauce. Oh wait, I do have a small mini jar in the pantry that I could use. I probably WILL use that as I have almost everything else to make something like this, except for the yummy bread ...

BUT that's not gonna stop me! I will find something acceptable to replace it ... such as one of these lingering potato rolls (hot dog x 2 and sandwich x 5) ... which is actually sounding pretty darn good right now!

I don't have portabella shrooms, but do have plain white ones and then the canned ones that would fit in.

I also don't have the herb roasted chicken breast. But I have lots and lots of chicken and well, I'm sure I can come up with a suitable replacement to the herb roasted version ... what do you think?

I can make do with exactly what I have on hand!

I'm linking up with Works For Me Wednesday over at We Are That Family...this is SO working for me!  Today she's talking about packing and flying with 20+ suitcases for 5 people ... whoa nelly ...


  1. I bet your sandwich tastes amazing. I 'make do' with sandwiches a lot, too. For instance, I usually sub whatever cheese the recipe calls for, because 9/10 I don't have that particular cheese on hand. And for all the cheese I already have, why buy more?

    One of the contestants on that show "Next Food Network Star" wants to do a sandwich-based show. I hope he wins, because I love that idea!


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