Menu Plan - The Whole Month of May

It's May already, can you believe it? My Boy, Sonny Boy, he will graduate in a month. Then what do I do?? As a Mom, that is ... oh dear ...

We (me and Hubby) leave for Vegas in 2 days. Woopee! I am so stinkin excited it's not even funny any more!

And because I'm starting the month off with a trip, the fact that the Boy is graduating high school, the fact that Princess has her last college final of the year today, AND my freezers are still pretty darn stuffed, I've decided to be ambitious myself and plan the whole month out.

Not to mention that yeah, we'd like to continue with the gym and sort of healthier eating when we get back from our trip ...

You know the rules, right? If it's not made the day it's suppose to be, that's quite ok, swapping IS allowed :) ... so here's what I'd LIKE to be making:

Sunday: May 1st - chili cheese dogs
Monday - baked ziti
Tuesday - pizza
Wednesday - VEGAS BABY (kids are on their own, probably 49 cent burgers from McD's)
Thursday - VEGAS BABY (kids on own, probably celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Tijiana Flats) PLUS - it's my Birthday!
Friday - VEGAS BABY (kids, again on own, I believe they were looking for a small party to be had, probably pizza for them)
Saturday - arrive back from VEGAS but late at night ... probably SKIP dinner (kids? They need to fend for themselves this last day)

Sunday: May 8th - Home Sweet Home and Mother's Day, Pasta with homemade sauce (from freezer) and garlic bread (yes, I will probably make my OWN dinner)
Monday - chicken tacos and chips and salsa (made with ground chicken instead of beef for a healthier option!)
Tuesday - chicken Cesar salad
Wednesday - rolly polly chicken and spinach (new recipe but looks yummy) WW Friendly
Thursday - Mac n Cheese cups (another new recipe but heck, I'm being adventurous) WW Friendly
Friday - Chicken, some kind of chicken!
Saturday - Bacon Bleu Cheeseburgers!

Sunday: May 15th - chicken piccata (new recipe but looks the same almost as my own) serving with pasta and broccoli
Monday (Princess heads off on her cruise) - Busting out the Starkist frozen fish filet to try ... lemon and herb and will make some rice on the side
Tuesday - Quesdilla wrap pannins (ok, so I just heard this on TV, will have to whip it together!) with black bean soup
Wednesday - Chicken Marsala (new recipe but looks very similar to mine)
Thursday - Broccoli Beef (crockpot)
Friday - Pizza, homemade
Saturday - Hubby's choice, possibly sausage and peppers?

Sunday: May 22 - family night and looking at burgers and brats
Monday - French onion soup with pressed roast beef sandwiches
Tuesday - Chicken Cesar salad
Wednesday - Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwiches (new but looks delicious!)
Thursday - Hawaiian Chicken (crockpot) ... no so sure if this is really going to fit in the household meal plan :)

Start of Memorial Day Weekend which means a feast all weekend long!
Friday - Start making: pasta salad (with Shrimp?), burgers, hot dogs,
Saturday - chicken wings, chicken breast in Cesar dressing,
Sunday: May 29th - RIBS, pie
Monday - Continue the cooking!

Tuesday - L. E. F. T. O. V. E. R. S.

Here's hoping that every one has a very Merry May! and happy June to all!

Linking up to the most awesome menu site there is ... Menu Plan Monday with Organizing Junkie!


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