I'm Back

Its been a very dramatic week.

Me and the kids finally got home at about 6pm. When we pulled in the drive, I told them both “7pm we leave for Mexican, get your bags unpacked and get showered. One hour”.

So of course, that’s my intentions. Until I walk in and take about 5 steps through the living room and stop. Fast. Causing Sonny Boy to run into me and yell at me for stopping suddenly, yet again.
Um. Crap. Feathers. Lots of feathers. Are you freakin kidding me??
Sonny Boy! Yeah you kid. Go see where the bird is over there.
Because I’m thinking crap, the thing was able to still flap its wings out of kitty’s reach and flew into one of the bedrooms! YIKES!
Nope. There it was, this pretty yellow and green bird, next to the empty food and water bowls. L
Crumb. FEATHERS WERE EVERYWHERE. Geez oh petes. And a bunch of other sayings not fit to publish.
So yeah. The kids unpacked their bags. HALF of their dirty clothes made it to the laundry room. Both got showers.
Me? I cleaned. And picked up a pretty dead bird.
Can’t wait for Hubby to come back home.


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