Dragging along

Hello! I'm still here ... alive and well.

Just been busy and all kinds of other things ...

1. Took the class at Gym on Monday. Kettle balls and medicine balls. Had to walk down stairs somewhat sideways and hold on to railing. Ummm, TODAY is the first day I can actually walk without my feet dragging or slapping. Lord have mercy. I need to definitely link up on the frugal exercise site and post it ... it was brutal.

2. Sonny Boy has his very last final today. Whew. I'm excited. I think he's a little depressed.

3. Kitty kitty managed to trap a bird in the pool skimmer. Could see the little thing hopping back and forth on the flapper thingy. Asked Hubby to please take lid off and stand back ... he did (used a crowbar to remove lid just in case birdy was borderline aggressive) and the bird hopped out and off chirping all the while. Kitty kitty was not at all happy for being trapped inside the house while this happened.

4. Had to let our new receptionist go at the office. Which means I'm back to the one who does everything. Oh well. I have a job. One that pays the bills and one that I actually like.

5. Menu Plan? No you didn't miss my weekly link up. I didn't post it. NOR have I been following my monthly plan either. We've been wingin it or just not eating (gasp) dinner. I know. Reality bites.

6. I had a moment last night when it dawned on me that the next time I'm driving back from Aldi's, I won't be able to call my MIL to tell her of my experience. She was my number one fan for Aldi's and we would compare prices and products ... it was how I spent my 30 minute drive home. It made me very sad.

7. Hubby and I made a quick trip to Costco on Tuesday instead of going to the gym (I could barely move, let alone WORK OUT) ... he wanted baby back ribs and since I'm not all that rib'by savvy, it was best he came along. Stuck to my list pretty well, and he only picked up a few other things NOT on the list (bratwurst) ...

8. 3 day weekend is approaching. Pool heater set to come on tomorrow. Still dont' understand how it's only 83 degrees when we've had mid to high 80 temps for over a month now. Friends for dinner Saturday night (couples) with spinach stuffed chicken and herb-y rice. Kids will have a big bash on Monday as a SCHOOLS OUT party (and ironically, Memorial Day too) with a few adults mixed in.

9. My to do list is rather large and has odd things such as "grind coffee", "clean west windows" and such. Along with the usual, laundry, floors, toilets, etc. Could really use the day off Friday too :)

10. Considering a no-spend month for June. But then I look at all the doom and gloom reports of the economy and think maybe June should be a STOCK UP month. Yikes. Talk about opposites.

There you have it .... dragging along :)


  1. i'm a new follower from iheartpublix- i saw that you are in south florida so it got my attention- i'm in the boca grande area between ft myers & tampa.
    glad to "meet" ya!


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