Chicken Wings - Sea Salt with Lemon Juice

I haven't been shopping shopping in a little while which is perfectly fine by me. We have PLENTY of food in this house!

Saturday evenings, I usually let Hubby decide what to have for dinner, and it almost always involves the grill and late night chowing.

This time around, it was Chicken Wings. I still have two 5 lb bags from a trip a while ago, so now I have one left (and a nice big spot in the freezer where the other one was!) ...

All he did, easily enough, thaw the wings. Put them in a large plastic bowl. Squeezed some lemon juice out of the bottle into the bowl. Sprinkled with sea salt, mixed up and let them sit for half hour or so.

Right before putting them on the grill tray (sprayed liberally with Pam), he seasoned them (in the bowl) with a little of his special poultry mix. This is a seasoning that he made himself back around Thanksgiving and keeps making more. Don't ask what it is, I don't know.

We grilled those babies on low heat for a long time. And then we tossed a baking sheet with some onion rings on the grill too .... and we had wings & onion rings. Easy. And all without a special trip to the store. Sweet!


  1. There are numerous benefits associated with using dead sea salt as a bath scrub.


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