Shopping at Target requires FOCUS

Ummm. Yeah. We all DO know that, right?

Uh huh.

Stopped to pick up some ink for the wireless printer. Out of black. Like, blank pages print, that's how out of black I was :)

So imagine my squeak when I saw that they had the had the ink for $13.89 AND if I bought TWO I would get a $5 gift card. SWEET MOMMA! I bought 4.

Then I also bought a LARGE curling iron (new haircut is just so hard to deal with) AND a set of LARGE regular rollers ... and (of course there's more!) a hand rake and hand shovel for gardening. Oh, about $80. Good lord. Focus Focus F. O. C. U. S.

*Had I been smarter, I would have done 2 orders and used the $10 gc towards the hair stuff, you know??


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