Running wild in the kitchen with scissors

Why is that one word that I always have problems with spelling? It's a no-brainer but regardless .... S. C. I. S. S. O. R. S. Scissors.

I have 5 scissors in my kitchen drawer at the moment. One is for cutting coupons (or any other type of paper).

And the other 4? Those are used for cutting food stuff, of course!

Uh huh. I take the lazy way out ...

Herbs needed to be chopped?


Chicken need cut up for salad?


Pizza need sliced?


Same with any kind of meat that's already been cooled off. Meat that is freshly cooked, I use a knife but now that I think about it, I ask myself WHY?

This works fairly well for hubby too as he's only got partial use of the one hand from the accident. Only problem with him as he wants big chunks which can cause a little stress on the scissors!

And remember, never run with scissors in hand! Or hand them over pointside out. Or leave them open in the drawer. Or drop them on your feet. Or lick them. Hmmm. Scissors CAN be dangerous, so like everything else in life, use with caution!

Next time you need to slice up some green onions or cilantro, parsley, basil or mint, grab a pair of scissors and see how much easier it is then using a knife and cutting board.  Same with meat. I find it so much easier to do it this way!

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