Spicy McChicken like sandwiches

You know those dollar menu sandwiches at the golden arches? A whole dollar. And pretty wimpy but hey, they serve a purpose!

I got a few bags of Tyson's spicy chicken patties not too long ago at a REAL cheap price (like $1 per bag?)  We heated them up in the oven, toasted some squishy burger buns, slapped some mayo on one side, sliced some lettuce thin, added a slice of cheese and topped with a chicken patty and guess what? You've got yourself a Spicy McChicken-like sandwich! Satisfying? You bet. Easy and quick? Super so!

Serve some raw veggies on the side to make it a more rounded meal (unless you are going full fast food mode, then do some shoestring fries) ...

Yeah, I know, not a recipe so to speak. BUT it is related to my pantry challenge and menu plan!!  This is being linked up to Beauty and Bedlam's Tasty Tuesday roundup ... hop on over and check out everyone elses creations!


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