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Its downright chilly here this morning. 54 degrees at 8am ... I've got windows open (not all the way!) and the house is cool so I figured now was the time to tackle this project!

The funny thing … as I’m pulling stuff out (one shelf at a time) I see instant dinners in the making so I started to write things down, like for instance, the top shelf has the breaded chicken and 2 bags of mashed taters, so I grouped those together and wrote down on the side of my list, mashed taters & fried chicken, and then roast beef au jus sandwiches (RB lunchmeat & half loaf of Italian bread) and Hot browns (cooked turkey breast (good lord, I’m not sure when I froze these, but they are large chunks off a roasted turkey) and so on… so this WAS good to do that will definately help with the SRS this month!

I did throw a few things out, a couple bags of bananas that were brown, a bag with 3 lonely freezer burned strawberries. Apparently the kids have been tapping into the freezer for food as there were things opened (raspberries) and used with just a few things left in the bag … the tortellini was ripped open (my pet peeve) … but most of all, imagine my surprise that there were no blueberries? This is the freezer where they would be.

Here's what I started with at about 9:10am:

And after (about 10:15am):
So there you have it. One down, one to go. I feel a little better about doing this now … I realize that the best
thing was to go one shelf at a time, i.e. empty the shelf, inventory and put back, and then to the next one. Yeah, it’s not as “organized” as it could be but it’s a heck of a lot better. So I’m off to look at the other 2 and decide which one is next!

If you really want to see whats all in this fridge, here you go:
Cooked/Roasted turkey breast (big hunks in ziploc) x 2 bags
Chicken Breast – Ziploc with 2 large and 1 individual (organic)
Chicken Wings (raw)
Popcorn chicken – ¼ bag
Spicy chicken patty – combined 2 bags in to 1
Breaded chicken, raw
Ropa Vieja (cooked) chicken
Bag of 5 flame roasted chicken breast (raw)
Pork loin (1/4 of whole)
Italian sausage
Adele chicken Italian sausage
Turkey bacon
Cooked bacon x 2
Hot dogs x 3
Better Cheddar brats/sausage (what are these really?)
Sirloin steak x 3 (large steaks/slabs)
Hamburger (1 lb Ziploc 80/20) x 2
Hamburger patties (these were not so great) x 2 large Ziplocs
Hamburger patty (sirloin) x 1 lonely burger
Boca crumbs
Lunchmeat x 4 pkgs
Shrimp ring (medium size)
Shrimp – raw x 2
Clam strips (large Ziploc bag with a few individual bags in same general area)
Mahi mahi (enough for 1 meal)
Mashed taters x 5 bags 4 bags now
Broccoli 1 bag and 1 box
Raspberries (consolidate 3 little open bags into 1 large Ziploc)
Veggie medley (boxed and sauced) x 5
Pepper and onions cooked
Onions (minced, diced) x 4 bags
Peppers (red and orange sliced) x 2
Peppers (green, sliced) x 1
Asparagus tips
Whole ginger
Cheddar cheese shredded
Fresh mozzarella x 3
Pizza dough
Toaster strudel (4 left)
Waffles x 2 1
Italian bread, ½ loaf
6 pk apple muffin (costco)
Deli flat bread
Bag of Tortellini
Chicken stirfry x 2
Banquet frozen dinner x 3 (kids)
3 oz cooked chicken and steak x 5 pieces
Bag of pinenuts
Fried assortment (mixed small bag)
Raspberry zingers (2 lonely ones)
Apple raspberry
Grape juice

Updated on Tuesday, November 9th to remove what's been used ... figured this is a REAL good way to keep the inventory in line ... !


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