Chili Cheese Dogs

I always forget how easy these are to make and how happy everyone is with them. They are gooey and make a great patio meal. It IS the holiday season fast approaching and I really think everyone should take a night and just wind down and do something THIS simple for dinner ...

1 pkg of hot dogs. Any type will do
1 can of no bean chili
1 bag of cheddar cheese, shredded
1 pkg of hot dog buns

Now that you have the difficult list of ingredients down, lets cook.

Steam hot dogs til cooked. I use my bamboo steamer, but you can use a steamer rack, or if you prefer, fry them up in a skillet with a bit of water. Please, do not EVER boil your dogs. They just don't like it and well, my kids get really wiggy about it, can't say I blame them!

Heat the chili on low heat.

Place buns in large baking dish. Open each one up a bit and put the dog in … push down as you will need room on top.

Top each dog with some chili (as little or as much as you’d like) and then liberally spread each with cheese.
Toast under broiler til the cheese is melted. If desired, you can top with onions, tomatoes, peppers, whatever, before serving. Scoop out with a large spatula or spoon as they will be really gooey but oh so yummy.

*This is linked up to Jen over at Beauty and Bedlam Tasty Tuesday parade ... go on over and check her out, she's got some GREAT giveaways going on right now (but be sure you have time, you will be browsing and reading for hours!!*


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