Walmart Neighborhood Market

Oh yea! I got to leave work an hour early on Friday and headed up to the new Walmart Neighborhood market on Federal Highway. I've been watching the sign for 2 years, waiting for the day. Honestly, I thought it was a done deal, not happening any longer, cuz it took so darn long! I went. Got there about 4:30. On a Friday. Parking lot was mobbed. Yikes! Grabbed a cart outside, figuring it would beat trying to find one inside. Good deal. Great deals!!!! So, I bought 62 items & spent $145. I know, I know, I just came off the 30 days of nothing. Holy Smokes, 3 days later & I'm blowing $ left & right Here's what I got (with sale price/regular price): strawberries (1 lb pkgs got 4) 98cents/$2.98 cantelope (bougth 2) 98 cents/$3.98 bananas 50 cents lb kiwis 3/$1 fresh pineapple 98 cents/$3.98 12 pk corono lite (bought 2)$10/$13.99 12 pk heinekin lite $10/$13.99 24 pk coke products (bought 4) $5/$5.98 1 lb frozen tilipia (bought 2) $3/$4.98 3 lb b/s chix breast (frozen bought 3) $5/$7.98 Oscar Meyer weiners (bought 3) $1/$2.98 8 oz shredded sharp cheddar cheese (3) $2/$2.58 10 oz shrimp rings (bought 4) $2.50/$4.98 1 lb Oscar Meyer bacon $2/$3.98 Wack a can croissants (got 6 since holidays are coming!)$1/$1.58 And then I think this stuff was just regular priced: Frozen waffles popsickles (never buy at walmart since too far of a drive & they would melt by time I got home) banquet mac & cheese $1 (quick fix for kids) banquet salsbury dinner $1 (quick fix for kids) white bread sausage patties Oh I know there is more but this is just the stuff that sticks in my mind. I really didn't want to shop THAT much but heck, there were some GREAT deals! I didn't even go down the aisles, just the outside of the store. Woohoo. I know they say that's the shopping strategy but man, that was odd for me to do that. So now, I don't have to drive allllll the way west or north to shop at walmart. The only thing I normally buy there anyways is the food, not the stuff stuff within!!


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