Saturday boating

We went on the boat Saturday. Should have been a great day. It was a great day. But we stayed up a little too late on Friday. Dh (in my opinion) had a little too much to drink so he wasn't quite rarin to go in the morning. Our friends were to be at our house at 10. Of course, it's the same friends who came by the night before. I got up at 6:30. Cleaned up a bit (of course!) and then headed to walmart NM to pick up beer, water, gatorade/propel & ice. $80 later (of course!) I get home at 9am. Dh was on the computer messing around. Said he was turning off boat monitoring system. Ok. Next thing I know, he's messing around with a light on the boat. Does this really need to be done NOW when we have friends coming in 40 minutes?? Grrrr. So that kind of set my mood. I got out of it though. We went to Boca Lake (if you want to see, click here: Grilled the big hot dogs. Had another boat & friends show up. They brough JD. Not a good thing. Honestly. Not a good thing. Anyways, did not have a good ending for the evening. Our friends left about 8:30. Needless to say, Sunday was a low key, quiet, do nothing day for some members of the household (not me, went to an estate sale, picked up new tv for ds & visualized my whole house done in wicker, the GOOD stuff).


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