Rain, boredom, shopping

Yup. That's what happens every single time. I get bored. Start pacing the house. Get a teen asking for a lift to the movie theater. Me saying, sure, I wanted to go to Costco ANYWAYS. Huh? $285 later (so $50 of it was my membership renewal). What did I get that I had to have? Good question. Remember, just spent $145 at Walmart Neighborhood Market. Like this is really continuing the 30 Days of Nothing motto!! And I still forgot to buy dishsoap!! I have, like NONE. Not even the bottle anymore. so, let's see, what does $284 (minus $50) buy at Costco anymore? I'm telling you, the prices have changed there AND I was telling DH, it didn't seem anywhere near as busy. He said it's because of the economy & people aren't out there charging things up on their cards. I say it's because of the weather. Probably a combination of both. I got: 50 pk frito lays chips, 2 pkgs of 36 crackers/cookies, pkg of multigrain crackers, tangerines, 10 lb sugar ($4.75, better price than store), fresh garlic bulbs, 2 6 lb bags of b/s chix thighs ($1.44/lb), 5 lb bag meatballs, 8 pkgs of butter (1lb each), 2 pkgs turkey lunchmeat, 3 pkg blk forest ham, dh favorite hotdogs, 5 lbs shredded mozzarela, 2 gallons milk ($3.29 for 2%, woohoo!!), 8 cans albacore tuna, hormel crumbled bacon bits, 64 ct coldeze drops, blk beans & rice (8 pk), hamburger & hot dog buns, big hot dog buns for dh favorite dogs, and ... a total sponaneous buy, which I did not need cuz I still have some, and its not like I even like it but I am MAKING myself use it more: 6 lb protein powder. . That was $33. There you have it. And still, no dishsoap.


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