Our weekend away in Tavenier Florida.

Was absolutely terrific. The weather wasn’t the best, but at least it didn’t rain rain. Just a sprinkle. The doo ran great. The drive was good, truck was good. 2 hours & 100 miles even from our house to the inn. Wow. We had decided beforehand to pack breakfast & lunch foods and only go out for dinner to cut costs. So I took cheereos (dh fav at the time), yogurt, and milk. I also brought bread, mayo & dijon mustard, cheese and turkey for sandwiches. Tossed in those little lunch bag size fritos & cheetos that the kids won’t eat and the cheese & crackers (same deal). AND brought along 2 shrimp cocktail rings, cracker spread & these awesome whole grain crackers. Of course, sodas, beer, water, pina colada mix, vodka & jack. So we were set. Woohoo. Walk in to our room and the first thing I see is the 2 burner stove & fridge! WOOHOO!! Told dh, drats, wish I had known. Would have brought a skillet & some real food to cook! As it was, we went to Winn Dixie, bought egg beaters, sausage patties, sourdough bread, shredded cheese and hash browns. Went next door to the Dollar General (its been years since I’ve been in one of them!) and picked up a 8 inch skillet for $4. Now we had real breakfast foods! Dinner first night was at a little irish pub called Dillons. Great food. Great ambiance. Smoking allowed, which is unusual, and about a year too late for us (remember, our one year anniversary of quitting is November 1st!) Tab, after 3 jacks, 2 beers, grouper Reuben & bacon bleu burger was $32. Wow. Dinner 2nd night was little Cesar's, again, years and years since I’ve been to one. We splurged & got 2 supreme pizzas. $19. Wow Dinner 3rd night (Saturday) was back to Dillons. Yeah, I know, we really should have expanded our horizons, oh well. Tonight, we had the Thai grouper (awesome), fried clam strips, fried mozz sticks, not sure how many jacks, and 2 beers. Total, $56. Geesh. All 3 nights would have barely paid for one night out here in town. AND this was in the Keys!! By the way, if you are looking for a quaint place to stay in the Keys, that's quiet and just so relaxing, I would highly recommend this place, coconut palm inn. Really. They have 17 rooms, from a small room with a queen size bed to a 2 bedroom suite. On the bay side which is where you should want to be in my opinion (sunsets are viewable here) and the water is just much nicer.


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