If I could live anywhere

I think I would choose to live way out in the country, with acres and acres of land and have cows, a few horses (I suppose that would be a necessity?), dogs, cats, kids (mine), hubby (mine) and perhaps a few friends/family members living there too. I would LOVE to live on a working farm/ranch. Sure, it sounds 'glamarous' to me, a city girl. I wasn't always a city girl. Believe me, when I turned 18, I was just looking for a way to get out of town!!! Chesterton Indiana. Wow. Rural land. We were thrilled when McD came to town! Even more excited when Pizza Hut came in. We would catch the SouthShore train and ride it to Chicago. Talk about awe inspiring. I was petrified, yet so giddy with excitement the first time, and even the 20th time! Now look at me. I do take time to enjoy the sites of downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I enjoy my ride in to work better. Down A1A with the ocean on my left and then west on Las Olas Blvd with the water on both sides of the street & a row of palm trees down the middle. Yes, that is beautiful. BUT ... well. I've been wanting to move for a few years now. I miss the seasons. I miss the smells. I miss the ... well, 'quietness' of it all. I miss seeing the stars at night. The sounds of the animals & bugs in the early evening. Lightning bugs. Oh I miss them! But then reality crashes all around me. DH has a great job. I do too. Of course, depending on how the economy holds out will determine how long we do. We have a house that is pretty mcuh paid for. It would be riduculous to try and sell it now. Of course, we could accept below market value & still make a killing, but still. We have teens. Granted, soon to be 16 and 18. She will be going to college this time next (local community college which is actually maybe NOT a community college anymore). He plays in a band that takes up al his free time (www.theravencult.com OR www.myspace.com/theravenofficial). And of course, there are the water toys. Boat. Waverunner. House. Jobs. Friends ... well, not as many as there used to be as they've moved away! Change does not agree with hubby or the kids. Bummer.


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