Cost of Groceries - South Florida

This is in response to a post over at Gallon milk 2% - $3.29 (Costco this past weekend-cheap!) 5lbs potatoes $2 (Walmart neighborhood market)apples $1.29 Oranges 3lb bag $3.29 (Costco) Bananas 50 cents/lb (Walmart Neighborhood Market) lettuce (iceburg head) 79 cents (Publix has a new “essentials” thing going on so this is now half price) Cucumber 89 cents is normal going rate. Can get them 5/$1 if I drive out to produce market Tomatoes $1.19 to $3.99 lb … 89 to 99 cents lb if I drive to produce market can’t wait for garden to come in! Carrots 89 cents 1 lb bag. I generally get a 5 lb bag at produce market for $2ground beef $2.49 all the way to $4.99 (for better stuff) Chicken $3.99 for b/s breast going rate ($5 for 3 lb frozen @ Walmart NM last weekend, got 3 bags, should have gotten lots more) pork chops $3.39 center cut boneless. Costco has it cheaper but I don’t normally buy them. I buy the tenderloin for something like $3.29/lb cold cuts (ham/turkey) – I ONLY buy this from Costco, already cut & packaged. Price went up last weekend, $3.15 for black forest ham & $3.99 for smoked turkey. block of cheese what happended to this stuff?? $3.99 for 8 (YES, EIGHT) ounces lb of butter or margarine – again, butter from Costco, buy 4 lbs for under $8 ($7.59 I think?) box of mac and cheese (blue box) - $1.09 (??? When did that happen??) pkg of cookies like Oreos $3.89 (no thanks, sorry kiddos) can of beans 89 cents for STORE BRAND. Again, what happened?? can of tomatoes 99 cents to $1.99, depending on the type and brand pkg of pasta (put in size) 1 lb pasta $1.49. Buy 1 get 1 free are no longer a deal pkg of frozen veggies like peas or corn (put in size) last time I bought 1 lb bag of frozen brocolli (Albertsons brand) for 89 cents a bag. That was a GREAT price, I heard tin of coffee (put in size) 32 oz (I think) $8.99 regular price. I try to hold out til its on sale @ $5.99 (no more $4.99) or buy one get one free (bags) 12 double roll toilet paper … sorry. I can’t help. I buy the Costco kirland stuff, like a gazillion rolls for $17. It last for several months in my house of 4. I like it cuz they are each individually wrapped in plastic AND it’s cushy (not 1 ply) AND doesn’t have ‘fuzzy linty’ stuff I am not one that LOVES to shop at Costco and Walmart BUT do acknowledge the fact that some of my best deals come from these stores and actually spoils me when I go to a regular grocery store.


  1. Your prices are all over the map, but if we averaged it out I think we're probably looking at the same overall bill. Crazy great pricing on produce, I must say! Thanks for joining in!

  2. I am not the one who loves going to Wal-Mart either... although they do seem to have the best prices.... and I like you, are somewhat worried about the stock market and my little retirement account- but historically... over a 10 year period, the stock market has always had a good 12% return. You just have to wait it out. Do you watch Dave Ramsey? He is Christian money person on radio and Fox business news nightly.


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