5 minutes & $18

That was me this morning on way to work: went to gas station by house, and all the tanks were wrapped in yellow caution tape. Hmm. I think they were out of gas. I hope that's what it was. Went to the 711 down the road on way to office, put in $50 since my tank was almost below 1/4. Ran in to Publix for dishsoap, and realized I needed toothpaste too. Then remembered I have one gift card left with $18 on it so picked up 3 of the smaller bottles of gatorade (6pks) for kids lunches. $17.xx later. Geesh. Of course, sitting here in the office, phones are QUIET ... eerily so, and the stock market is tanking again, down over 500 at one point which really sucks. I think it's around 400 now but still, that should say a LOT about that 'rescue bill' aka bailout bill aka screw the people bill. Sorry, I just don't think that my kids, their kids, and those kids should have to pay for the greed (and stupidity) of big banks and execs. Oh well. Just an fyi - I DO have rice, some ammo (for a handgun that I probably CAN NOT shoot) and gold


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