30 Days of Nothing, Day 30 - LAST DAY

$ NOTHING!!! It would be only fitting, right?? Wow. I really think I should continue this. Maybe not on such a level, but really, it wasn't that hard. I DID restrain myself. Maybe not as much as others, but hey, I had $450 leftover in my account when I deposited my end of the month payroll check. Rolled that right over into my savings account. That will pay for the kids Bday gifts (16 & 18 in December!). I do see a costco trip in the very near future. I have a list going & was actually thinking of trying to limit myself to $100. But I don't think that will work. Butter is on the list (2 sticks left in freezer). Chix thighs. Ham & turkey lunchmeat (can get it cheapest there) and a bunch of other things that we 'like' from there. Hmmm. Is that a sign?? OH - Walmart is FINALLY opening this "neighborhood market" today down the road from me. Well, it's about 4 miles away but a lot closer than the BIG store. I'm excited. It's "part produce, part walmart". Can't wait to check it out!! It's so much closer than the farmers market too!! Woohoo. Will post when I finally go ... maybe on Saturday? OH, and my good friends FINALLY come back from Colorado today! They will be here for the whole month of October. Of course, they will go to Key West the end of the month for fantasyfest. DH & I had talked about going, but we both agreed we would get real tired of it quickly. Breakfast - eggs, toast & bacon lunch - kids were on own, no school. Dh & I had salad with turkey (I think, I can't remember right now!!) dinner - this is funny. Ready made potroast (you know, nuke for 4 minutes, let sit for 2) and pkg of instant red potatoes. Dh said that dd would love them since they were chunky (she was sleeping already). I had picked them up a few weeks ago with a coupon so they only cost 50 cents each. I will go back & buy a bunch more to have on hand if the coupon is still there. They weren't bad, and were a heck of a lot easier than peeling, cutting, boiling & mashing by hand. And I think they would be a LOT cheaper. Taters are not cheap down here!


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