30 Days of Nothing, Day 29

$ - 16 to the 2 kids, 8 each. School only on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday this week. I know that somewhere last week I got $40 of gas but don't think I posted it? I can't believe the month is almost over. I mean, it didn't seem 'difficult'. But then again, I don't think I really showed that much restraint. Sure, I thought twice about some things, but other times, it was as if the extra money in my account was there, so why not buy 2 drying racks instead of one. At least I did do a bit of comparison shopping. Breakfast - eggs, toast & sausage patty lunch - kids usual, me & dh had salads with chicken (freezer) dinner - tacos. Originally I was going to make quesidillas and had sauteed all the veggies on Sunday (peppers were starting to get soft, so it was a perfect excuse) but then when I did freezer inventory, found some taco meat that I had frozen last time. It's a good thing to do inventory! The gym was an awesome workout. I didn't lose any weight in September, but gained ... my trainer insists that it's muscle. Sure. Yes, I do have more muscle, not as 'squishy' or bulgy but still. Now I weight 148. A year ago I weighed 133 or so. Then I quit smoking. Got lazy. Turned 44. And the list of excuses goes on. NO MORE!! I have committed myself to focusing on myself for the month of October (starting 2 days early!) and will buy a NEW swimsuit (bikini, of course) November 1st. Yes, I can do that, I live in Florida! Question is: will it be a brazilian bottom? Thong? Full cut? String? So many options! DH would like to take a long weekend & fly to either Nashville OR drive to Islamorada for our anniversary at the end of the month. We will be married for 18 years on October 24th. We've actually been together since 1981. Dated a loooooong time & then my daughter happened. Will never ever say she was an accident, but rather a BIG surprise. I didn't ever see myself as having kids. I'm glad I did (for the most part) ... but that's another post for another day


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