Baking cakes & making frosting

Been wanting to make a cake for a few weeks, but no time, or I was sick. So did that on Sunday. Used one of my stashed buy one get one free box mixes. Grabbed the new black plastic bowl with handle & pour spout that I was so excited about. 3 eggs, 1 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup oil, all in the bowl. Grab the hand mixer & go to town. Hmmm. What's that black stuff? Pick it out, shrug it off, continue mixing. Wow, that's alot of black stuff. Dawns on me at that point (when it's half full of black pieces) that the beaters were beating the plastic off the bottom of bowl. Crap. Grab stainless steel bowl, no handles, no pour spout. The other stashed box of buy one get one free mix. 3 eggs. 1 1/3 cup water. 1/3 cup oil (had to really let it drip to get there), toss bottle in recycle bag and make mental note to self to buy more next weekend. Beat mix. Pour (and drip) batter, bake & cool. Get 1 pkg cream cheese, 6 tbs butter & leave on counter to get soft. Add one box of confection sugar (4 cups?) and 1 1/2 tsp of vanilla. Beat in another stainless steel bowl. Add 4 tbs milk. Beat. Frost cake. Think oops, should have chilled it a bit as it drips off side of cake a bit. Quick, put cover on & put in fridge. 9pm. Laying in bed. OH. CAKE. Get up, pad over to other kitchen, take cake out & yell "anyone want cake", waking up 2 half sleep teens. Yummm. It was gooooooddddd.


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