30 days of Nothing Day 6

$ - $45 (dd's car), $8 publix for the real sudafed for dh, $47 publix for coffee cream, laundry soap ($2 coupons), more sodas (coupons), gatorade (kids lunch), tortillas (coupons) and $13 Target (bleach, cream and more laundry soap) Say goodbye to Hurricane Ike? This morning, miraculeously, we are almost out of the cone of death (our nickname for the cone). Today is a gorgeous day and we are boating! Woohoo! Not until later in the day, 2ish or so which gives me time to clean and redo my menus. Didn't stick too well with it last week. Have a girlfriend who is going with us on boat & I think dd wanted to have a friend come along too. Will just be a ride down the intracoastal, maybe out to the ocean, not sure yet. The gas for dd's car is really a double whammy. She just handed her father her $74 paycheck. Her hours at the store have cut waaaay back and she can't really afford more than her car insurance at the moment. However, with a hurricane out there, long gas lines, I figured I should get gas in the car. I really think that gas is going to be an issue for us here in South Florida, regardless of where Ike decides to go. As for target & publix. Well. There is nothing to say. No excuse. Weak. Great coupons on good deals that are going to expire. Looks like I don't have the willpower just yet but I will still keep plugging away at this. On the flip side, I look at it say, gee, day 6 and I've spent that much already?? Grrrr. I'm not giving up. Onward. Breakfast, fend for yourself. Some had eggs, others toast and yet another cereal lunch, same as breakfast, fend for yourself dinner, pork tenderloin already marinated in a sweet hickory sauce. I don't think dh is going to like it but oh well. Will make either a rice pilaf or taters to go with it. I will be making every effort to NOT go to the store any more til next Sunday, if even then.


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