30 Days of Nothing Day 3

$ spent - $25 for dd’s parking permit at school. I seriously have an issue that she does not have the $ for it herself. Breakfast, scrambled eggs, waffles, fruit Lunch, leftovers (chicken) for dh & I, kids have bagel/sandwich and buy if desired Dinner, hot dogs (leftovers), leftover sesame noodles & shrimp pasta 2 days in for boxing class this week and tonight, when I got home, dh was already home. We went in the pool, sent ds to fix the pole on boat cover and man, was I exhausted and tired. I've been tempted to go to the grocery store. Sales papers came out yesterday. Quickly, and I mean quickly, glanced at them. Don't see anything that I MUST have. Sure, a few things I think I need, but nothing urgent. That's the attitude!!!


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