30 Days of Nothing, Day 28

$ - home depot $8 (concrete & gravel for dock area), $5 loews (veggie fertilizer). Had I not agreed to go with my neighbor to pick up her veggies, I wouldn’t have spent any $$ today!! Planted my herbs in dirt finally. Was going back & forth on whether to leave them in the pots but they require too much care with watering that way. Pulled off 2 more beautiful red peppers. They are small, like mini pumpkin size but man so sweet. The plants look horrible but the peppers are awesome. Waiting for some of the flowers to set on tomatoes plant anytime now! Also planted the roots of the green onions I got a few weeks ago. The one’s I have in the pot, the lawn boys keep weed wacking them ??? whats up with that?? Did inventory on main & guest freezer (which is how we had ham sandwiches). Figured I needed to do this since I could NOT find any more chix thighs Saturday night. I don’t have any more unless they are in the garage. I have lots of stuff still in the freezers. I should NOT be shopping. Pulled out a package of 3 hamburger buns & 4 hot dogs buns. Of course, have 6 hamburgers and 3 hot dogs. Go figure. Will make do. I also did a major declutter in the bathroom & my closet. For someone who does NOT wear a lot of makeup, I sure did throw a lot away! The pile for goodwill is growing to the point where it needs to be relocated so it's not so 'messy' looking. thats a good thing! DH & ds finally wrapped up the majority of the waverunner trailer project. Woohoo. Was a point where dh was saying he should have just spent the money & bought a brand new one instead of one for $150. Come on. He saved himself at least $700 this way. Just too much work & aggravation. Breakfast, toast, eggs & sausage Lunch, ham sandwiches Dinner, turkey burgers & hot dogs on the georgie grill. Raining way too hard to grill outside.


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