30 Days of Nothing, Day 27

$ - it’s Saturday. The spend it all day. Really, you haven’t noticed that yet!!! Bed Bath & Beyond - $15 for a new wire dish strainer (my wood one is held together by wire ties & well, if I scratch the counter one more time with it dh may just toss me!) and 2 bottles of pina colada mix on clearance. Target $50, 2 clothes dry racks (another one broke and can’t find another LARGE one so 2 smaller ones will do), 4 pizzas (coupons & cheaper than grocery store), fabric softener, 2 pkgs of funonions (kids lunches) and a few other things? Publix - $21, milk, oj, eggs (2 18 pks), and a few other things. Too lazy to go pull out the receipts this morning. DH & I switched the tvs out in master bedroom & guest room. Of course, ds was grumbling as his tv is still iffy at times (broke off the cable connect in the back, so has to be ‘just right’ to get signal). Breakfast – bagels & eggs Lunch – fend for yourselfDinner – Spanish rice & chix thighs. Funny, we were planning on going to friends for dinner, but plans changed at last minute so it was a “what do we want” and dh was saying Chinese. At 7pm, I finally said, ok, order Chinese, and he decided he wanted to cook. Eating my 8:30 (I know, late) and glad we didn’t spend the $50 for takeout after all!!


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