30 Days of Nothing, Day 26

$ - Publix $89. What should have been a $25 shopping trip with my coupons & all turned out to be a whole lot more. And I forgot to get eggs & milk!!!! We really should clarify, it’s not ‘nothing’ but hopefully ‘less’. I so wanted it to be more less than it has been but I suppose for my first time around, not too bad. Just need to show a little more self control! Sinuses are acting up again. Glad that no workout today. DH comes home this evening. When I went to bed last night, the tv in bedroom had no volume. So I turned it up with remote. Screen goes black. Changed channel, picture comes back. Tried volume. Screen black. Tried volume on tv itself, screen black. A new bedroom tv is NOT in my budget anytime soon (or one for ds either!) so dh & slept in guest room so we could watch tv. How pathetic!! Breakfast – toast & eggs Lunch – kids, on own @ home, me, leftovers from freezer Dinner – had some shrooms that were looking questionable, made a mushroom sauce with chicken and pasta. Turned out pretty tasty.


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