30 Days of Nothing, Day 15

$ - $20 total, $10 to each kid for the week worth of lunches. dang, when you look at it that way it's expensive. Of course, remember, they don't really 'buy' their lunch at school, but have that option if so desired. It's also not really an 'allowance' but I suppose you could look at it that way. Breakfast - scrambled eggs & toast lunch - kids, the usual, dh & I had leftover lasagna & salad dinner - leftover beef brisket & taters Dh travels on Tuesday, Wednesday and comes back Thursday evening. Woohoo. He's been home way too long this time around. I can finally get some stuff done that I hate to do during the week when he's home (like rip apart stuff ). Of course, now that I'm at the gym til 7pm, I may not have the energy/time/desire to do those things!! The stock market was a little frightening yesterday. So was the news of Lehman, AIG and Merrill Lynch. Shall be interesting to see how the market fairs today. And the price per barrel of oil is BELOW $100 yet the price of gas is still almost $4 here! Not sure what it's like elsewhere but geesh. Gotta get a break somewhere I would think! My microwave is doing funky things, much more consistently. It stinks as it's one of those oven/microwave built in things. Can't wait to try & price out the microwave part alone. Probably a good thing I'm cutting back expenses a little this month. Should be a lot but as you can see from my 'full disclosure' it's not like it should be!!


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