30 Days of Nothing Day 1

$ spent - $00 Ironically, today is Labor Day, also the first day of Nothing. Hmmm. Piece of cake! We stayed in all day. DH really wanted to go shopping for rugs, but we just did that on Sunday and spent $200 for 10 rugs. Yikes. Not crazy about the front & back door ones, and he's not crazy about the community bath ones, which is why he wanted to go & look for something else. Said nope, it’s a holiday & I’m not going anywhere! Weather was nice, but windy so no boating or riding the ‘doo’. We bbqd though. Made a shrimp pasta salad, massive hot dogs, bean dip. Of course, pretty much depleted my supply of beer for the month. Perhaps I should rename this to 30 days of no beer?? Nah. No gym.


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