Still under Tropical Storm Warning

and Tornado warnings, flood watch, etc. Geesh. The kids are now short 2 days of the school year. I'm hoping tomorrow will be back to normal. That's just odd, they will go back on Wednesday & Thursday and have a 3 day weekend already (they don't have school on Fridays). Today is a 'free' day for me at work. Boss called at 8am and said after discussing with other attorney, both agreed, why bother as no one was in the offices yesterday either and today is 100 times worse than yesterday. Was a good day for typing however! Got a lot of probate forms completed finally ... and of course, the billing for one attorney who likes to procrastinate!! The cat is safe and sound in the house, under my bed. I'm guessing he was cold since he was wet when he came in at 6am. Poor thing was freaked out. I got up throughout the night to see if he was waiting to come in but must have been hunkered down somewhere relatively safe, but not too dry. I don't know why he insisted on leaving last night. Silly thing. So I'm trying to debate just what to do with myself today. Playing with the idea of making french onion soup and baking some cookies. But then again, do I really want to do that?? Yeah, probably :) OR I could make some pizza dough and make pizzas for dinner & freeze some already rolled out for ds (driving me batty cuz I don't have any frozen ones in the freezer right now). Then again, I could venture to Costco and/or BJ's and/or Walmart. Hmmm. Probably not the smartest thing to do...get on the roads!! LOL ... oh yeah, that's why I'm off today, so I don't have to drive!! DS is up already ... I think he's excited in his own way about the weather. Was just commenting on the tide at dock, how high the water is already and it's still 3 hours or so til high tide. Will definately be coming over the dock if the wind continues to blow. Boat cover is partially off the boat. Dh went out & rearranged it, for lack of better words, to keep it from ripping off totally. Said that the front pole is down so he wanted to leave it open a little for the water to drain in the boat INSTEAD of pulling the cover & ripping it more. DH had went to work. I think he was having his girls come in too. I don't think that was right. Alot of them have school age kids and well, no school, no daycare, parents should be there. But like he said, they aren't a 'local' company, but nationwide. Oh well. Ok. I'm going to scope out the pantry to see what I can do for fun today ... I'm quite certain I won't lose power so it should be safe to cook & bake.'s a cool link for radar: and then click on the link on the left hand side that says weather. That bad girl has an eye ON LAND! whoa....


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