New Toy

came home on Friday night - SeaDoo ... we put it in the water on Saturday, late afternoon and played a bit before driving it home to put on the lift. Trying to get dh to commit to "doing the do" today ... friend of mine is going up to Hillsboro inlet to anchor ... would be a nice ride. But then again, I think the kids want to play a bit on it. Ds wants to pull the tube BUT I think it would be better to do that during the week after school, less boats & traffic on waterway in front of the house ... We got a 'good' deal on it, dh says. Said that they sell for about $5K used, still. We paid $3K. I had thought he was going to pay $2500 to $2800. This is a high performance model, which means fast. To the point where they offer a key that limits the speed to 35 ... told dh that is what I want the kids to be using for awhile. Otherwise, if they can stomach it, they could go 75-80 ... I slowed down when my cheeks started to flap in the breeze yesterday!! It was fun! I'm laughing cuz it's like the people who park the suvs and take the scooter out. That's us, park the 35 footer & take the seadoo out! hehe Will post pictures as soon as I take some better ones :)


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