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It’s Friday. It’s gorgeous outside. I’m sitting here, alone, in my office that is a nice chilly 40 degrees. Ok, that’s an exaggeartion, but it’s freakin cold in here! And quiet!!! And I’m bored. Notice that the stock market tanked. Unemployment is up to 5.5%, highest in 20 years. Foreclosures are at 1,000,000 homes and rising. FP&L are requesting a rate increase to cover the fuel charges of 16%. They just did that last year or so AND also got the hurricane recovery fee approved. Oh – and oil just hit over $135 a barrel. Yeah, I could easily get myself all worked up and depressed, but I’m not going to. I am happy for the things I have. I just hope that we can continue to keep these things. Hubby & I had to take out one of the gel batteries from the boat last night as it keeps draining. He is going to pick up a new one today. The cost will probably run over $100. Good lord. This boat is costing a lot to keep up & maintain. Yamaha paid $8000 for motor and we had to pay another $2200. Suppose it’s better than having to pay $10 grand which would basically almost buy you a new motor, but not a yamy 300 hp bad boy … I don’t know if we are planning on boating or not this weekend. Seas are suppose to be rough with a small craft advisory warning. Not exactly fun ocean boating weather! But we do need to take a leisure ride down the intracoastal and check out the new no-wake zone. They had put new signs up last week, on the west side by the house said “no wake” and the east side, the old sign “resume moderate speed” was still up. So I guess it depends on which way you looked (and the fact that you are heading north or south is even more bizarre overall!). But really, a weekend at home, floating in the pool, relaxing, doing stuff in the garden & yard, relaxing sounds good. DH, of course, does not agree! The kids are officially out of school. Daughter works 10 to 6 today and 1:30 to 11pm tomorrow. She’s bummed but at least she can go check out the free surf lessons in the morning. Son colored his hair this morning. Did not know anything about it except that princess told me he was up already cuz she helped him do it. Better not be a funky color, blonde is what he normally does. He hates it that it gets dark dark underneath and white blonde from the sun & pool (hey, he’s a rocker and I would think that would be cool??). I have yet to take the bus, but the kids have been using up their bus passes. I am so glad that I bought them when I did as they’ve had to take the city bus home from school these past 2 weeks quite a bit. I planned on driving to work Tuesday, have dh drop me off on Wednesday and take the bus Thursday & Friday. BUT (of course, there is an excuse/reason!)Wednesday I thought my g/f was going to bring some fresh dolphin (mahi mahi) that her friends had caught on Tuesday AND I was going to run to Costco for some fruit & bread since I’m over half way there at the office. No fish, and didn’t get out to Costco. That night, my other g/f called to see if I wanted to do lunch on Thursday. Sure. Drove to work to drive to lunch. Friday (today), well, I had to drive cuz I have to stop at Blockbuster to return 2 movies that will be officially late tomorrow AND I have to stop at Winn Dixie (uggg) to get the Tide that’s on sale for $5.99 and use my $1.00 off coupon that expires on the 8th. Oh yeah, and to pick up some beer for the weekend. So I am planning on starting on Monday with bus, drive Tuesday and Wednesday & Thursday bus. Not only will this cut back fuel consumption on MY part, but will also be good for the extra exercise and maybe appreciate a little more of what I should be more grateful of!


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