My quick stop at Target (aka The $100 Store)

So I have to pick up ds from band practice on my way home. Ok. Let me rephrase that. I didn’t HAVE to do it, he called and asked since it’s so hot & muggy, he didn’t feel like riding his bike 2 miles back home. I said sure since I’m a nice mom J Really though, I had to stop at Target and he was literally right around the block. I wanted ONE thing. That stuff you spray or sprinkle on garden plants for buggy things. I know, I know. Organic. But heck, my tomato plants are wilting and shrivling up & the undersides are covered with white stuff. So too bad. No organic this summer. Park by garden center. Walk in garden center. Tell ds that we are here for one thing. He asked if he can go look at the tank tops. I said sure, off with you. Pick up 2 10” pots on clearance for $1.48 each. No dusty stuff. Hmmm. Walk into store – BIG NO NO!!! Patio center is ALL on clearance. Have a new patio umbrella leaning against cart. Ds shows up with tank tops. $9.99. Oh sure, they are white, thank god!! No, not wife beaters either!! Then he says, I need new headphones for Ipod. I know they have them for 10 bucks. Sure, off with you. Stroll that way through the food section, leaving umbrella behind. Oh look, candy on clearance. What a great thing!! Pick up 2 lb bag of twizzlers for $1.48. Woohoo. Ds comes back and tosses in the $9.99 headphones. Now I have 2 pots, pkg of tank tops, head phones and twizzlers. Hmmm. What’s this. Buy any 4 of these items & get a $5 gift card. Hmm. $3.99 each. Special event purchase. I DO need cleaning supplies. In goes the happy scrubby bubby stuff, tilex fresh shower, lyson toilet cleaner AND 3 pk of ziplocs. These were things that I needed, just not right now. The ds says, hey I need toothpaste & mouthwash. Off we go, further into the store. Yikes! Find toothpaste & mouthwash. In the cart they go. Go back to garden center to check out. $80.xx is the total. Hey, where’s my $5 gift card?? Oh, I need to go to the Customer Service desk, inside the store, at the other end of the building? I think not. After 15 minutes of the cashier trying to figure it out, the manger finally shows up. He can’t figure out why it didn’t go through either. Hands me 2 coupons for $3.00 off each for my inconvenience. Hey. I made an extra dollar there. I’m thrilled!


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