Menu 6/23 to 6/29

I'm having a difficult time planning the menu week with Monday being the start date. Sure, I could alter my form, but heck, that might be too much work. Once I figure out how to add files to this site, I will do that Monday - Chicken filets served with a salad (romaine, iceburg & garden lettuce, carrots, radicchio) Tuesday - soup & sandwiches (will slice the dried tomato & herb turkey I bought a few weeks back) Wednesday - beef shoulder filet. Dd has been asking for beef for a few days, said she's tired of chicken(??!!) Thursday - leftovers ... and/or soup & salad Friday - (I'm off!) roasted whole chicken OR cut up chicken & grilled & bbq'd Saturday - steaks & taters Sunday - Pork tenderloin (note to self - put some aside for cubanos the following week) Nothing to really post as far as recipes go for the week. Boy. Should be an easy week in the kitchen!!


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