I had to stop at Goodwill on the way home from work last Wednesday night to drop off the stuff in the back of truck. Since I had to go inside, figured I’d look around as the place was CLEAN and very very neat & orderly! Surprise! Picked up a pair of white nautical pants and a coral color Liz Claiborne tank. They were $6 each. Wow. I thought that was expensive. Even the non name brand stuff was $4 or $5 each. So in addition to really cleaning the place up, they have raised their prices. They no longer do ½ off certain color tags either. Gal at register said new management, a lot of negative policies. Hmmm. Wonder what she meant by that? Think I may stick with Out of the Closet that goes to $1 on certain colors each month. Freebies from girlfriend! Last wednesday night my girlfriend came over for a while as we haven’t seen each other in a while. It was nice to see her! Cathy also brought over a big black garbage bag full of clothes! Woohoo! Wish I had known she was coming as I would have skipped shopping at Goodwill! I got (thank you thankyou!) a new black bikini by dkny, along with a stretchy red skirt & a really cool black tank for coverups. DH has been on me to get a new suit before summer. I’ve been wanting to wait to lose a couple of pounds. The suit is a size 8, my size, but tiny. Oh well. May motivate me more to lose! Hehe. Also, 5 cardigan, tank sets (all liz Claiborne), 3 dresses, just the flowing pull over types, 2 blouses, a really cool blue & white top which I’m wearing to work today with my new white pants, a Body by Victoria Secret bra (I know these things go for $50+ and it’s MY size, she won’t tell me how or where she got it … I KNOW it’s not her size!) and a few scarves which I may use as belts…and necklaces. The leather & beaded ones…I love those things. It’s like my birthday!! Woohoo!! Thank you thank you thank you! I’m a very happy camper.


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