Sunday night, we went with another couple to a restaurant on the beach called Cafe Del Mar. I didn't really want to go as I kept saying that it's Memorial Day Weekend and who in the hell goes out to some fancy restaurant on the beach to eat?? Well, we went. They warned us that we were not going for the food but the entertainment. Oh my god! Alex Fox. Google him, actually google the images. This man plays a wicked guitar! Usually, his 2 sons are with him playing but not that night. He had a drummer with him that has only played for 1 week and they were terrific together! We sat there from 8:30 to 11:30pm. The crowds were lined up on the sidewalk listening & watching the performance. They were selling cd's like crazy (from the looks of it!). The seating was packed which was why people were lined up on the sidewalk. It was breezy and no rain and the humidity was down, thankfully, so very comfortable (outdoor seating). Amazing. EXPENSIVE! $266 for the 4 of us. We didn't even do dinner, just appetizers. A little disappointed in that part of it since I had jsut spent $170 at the grocery store earlier. I vowed that I would not be going to the grocery store til the 15th for any major shopping (still need to go for milk, eggs, produce, but no pantry or freezer stuff). I did inventory on freezer which will be posted shortly and realized I have way too much food! Here's the website for the restaurant if you are curious: You can click on the entertainment tab & select Alex Fox from there. I'm glad we went, just wish it hadn't been so expensive


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