Sunday Grocery Trip

This trip was delayed Friday & Saturday. Finally HAD to go on Sunday (no garbage bags or cat food). Had a very detailed list. Was bound & determined to stick to it. Ended up costing me $170.00 and then some! First mistake – never go when extremely busy, holiday weekend or in a hurry. Second mistake – pay attention to the sales! My BIGGEST mistake was the shrimp trays, 20 ounces were $10.99 and it was buy one get one free. I stupidly picked up two 32 ounce ones and noticed when I got home they were $16.99 each and NOT on B1G1F! Third mistake – pay attention at the checkout. Had I been, I would have noticed the shrimp & saved myself $35 or so. Ok, so all the above, I know and usually practice. But I had originally thought we were having company over later in the afternoon so I was a bit rushed. As it was, we ended up going out and spending close to $300 (see earlier post!) Now I’ve convinced myself, and hubby, and the kids (sort of) that I do not need to be going to the grocery store for 3 weeks or so, except for the basics, such as milk, eggs, bread and produce. Lets see if everyone remembers! Being that I did freezer inventory on Saturday and then just spent this much made me sit down & do a menu plan through July 4th. Wonder if I could really stay away from a big grocery trip that long??!! One thing that really really made me upset (not mad, just upset) was the store brand spaghetti, 16 oz, $1.31!!!! Used to be 90 cents just a few weeks ago! Now the b1g1f will really stink as we will be paying the price of what we are used to, and it will be considered on sale!!


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