Mother's Day

All mothers know that Mother’s Day isn’t just once day a year. And if that’s the only day you are shown any real appreciation, shame on your children and rest of the family! My 15 year old son makes a Sunday breakfast for us about once a month. I of course, assist but for the most part he does it. The only reason for my assistance is that he’s still learning cooking skills, but is by far much more experienced than a lot of kids his age. All week long, he’s been asking if he could make breakfast on Sunday. At first, couldn’t figure out WHY, then realized that it was Mother’s Day so I said sure. He told me that he didn’t want me in the kitchen at all, and was making a list of things to cook and asking me for certain recipes, like the pancake mix since it would be made from scratch. I was so impressed and proud of him. The breakfast turned out terrific. He made pancakes (from scratch), sausage patties, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast & a fruit salad (watermelon, strawberries, oranges & grapes). His sister, I think was a little put out as he didn’t consult with her. Then when my back was turned and he was setting the table, he had one of my champagne flute glasses that is blue & purple and filled it with handmade tissue flowers in the same colors along with a card that he made. Wow. This is coming from a tough 15 year old rock guitarist boy! I must be doing something right somewhere. My 17 year old daughter was a little upset I think that she didn’t get to be part of the making of breakfast. But she gave me a beautiful hand made card also. She was very quiet at breakfast. I don’t know if it’s because she is not a morning person (whatsoever!) or what. She’s over it now, but still. The rest of my day was to be outside in the pool. However, it was brutally hot & I just couldn’t do it (90 plus degrees & hot wind on top of it), so I read the whole Sunday paper & watch tv with dh. Dinner was pot roast in the crockpot (thanks to dh) and homemade macaroni & cheese (again thanks to dh). I still did the dishes and laundry, etc. but all in all, a good Sunday!


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