The latest topic buzzing around everywhere is the price of gas & what to do about it. I had always said once it hits $4 a gallon, I would be parking the truck & finding alternative transportation. I haven’t even been by a gas station since last Friday to even know what the current price is but I’m sure it’s over $4. I have a 99 Chevy Tahoe with 26K miles. Not the best on gas mileage (think we figured about 10-11 miles a gallon for my in city driving). I also have a 2001 Mistubishi Diamante that I drove everyday until daughter got her license and then she wrecked it, so it’s sitting in the driveway waiting for her to cough up about $2800.00 On Saturday, I had to go to the library to pick up 2 books I had put on hold. While there, I picked up to student 31 day bus passes for $20 each (unlimited use for 31 days) and a 10 ride adult pass for $10. $50 is what I put in the Tahoe last week to give me almost ¾ of a tank (I don’t let it get empty). Broward county transit recently increased their prices, I think back in October. I’m still learning the fees – the kids (teens), pay 60 cents each leg (meaning each time they change a bus, they have to pay 60 cents. To come home from school, it’s 2 buses, so $1.20 each, just for the ride home. I can’t remember how much it is for an all day, unlimited pass. Adults are $1.25 each leg. For me to go to work, I could do it with one bus, no transfers or anything. Of course, I will have to walk 2 blocks (oh my) to the bus stop from home and THEN walk 6 to 8 blocks to work. I’m trying to figure out if there is a stop down by Andrews Ave instead of just 3rd Ave. If so, that will knock off 2 blocks. My thoughts are: drive to work every Tuesday as this is my meeting day and I MUST be there by a certain time, no room for delays. Also, I usually go to the recording office on Tuesdays, so it would be stupid to tell the company yeah, I’ll go, but I’ll have to take the bus. I can then make that the primary day to do any extra running around, such as the store, bank, etc. I do need to stop at goodwill on my way home this evening as I’ve been lugging stuff around in back of truck for 2 weeks now … Wednesday and Thursday, either hubby can drop me off in the general area of my office (it’s pretty much on his way, give or take a few blocks) and I can take the bus home (not a big deal to get hot & sweaty on my way home, just jump in the pool after changing!) OR take the bus to and from work OR have dh pick me up. Being that his schedule is so screwy in the afternoon & evenings, I really don’t want to deal with that. Remember, he has a company car (charger, r/t) with company gas. No, he does not expense the gas, they have a fill up thingy at his office … he just fills out a log when he fills up. So that’s that. I wanted to start it today BUT since Monday was a holiday, my co-worker took yesterday off as her 2nd day off (gee, why don’t I get the 5 day weekends???) and our meeting will be this morning and recording will be today. BUT Thursday, I will be doing it. I’ll keep you posted. I’m hoping the new buses are much better than years past …


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