Freezer Finds

As I mentioned earlier, I did a freezer inventory over the weekend. Actually, it was inventory AND clean out. Here are some things that I discovered I have: 1lb t-bone steak. Of course, I’m asking myself, how on earth do I have only 1? So I cooked that up on Monday on grill, divided it into 4 servings and froze each to go on my evil jungle salads. Plenty of old tupperware stuff. Being that I tossed all my old tupperware back in December, and some of the stuff didn’t have labels, I tossed the contents, washed the tupperware & decided what to keep & tossed the older worn stuff out in recyclable bin. Yellow Icepops – those little plastic sleeves that are just like koolade and then you freeze and the kids LOVE them (I have teens and they beg for these things). Strange thing is they are all yellow. Do you think, perhaps, yellow doesn’t taste good to teens?? Buns – buns, buns. Hamburger buns. Hot Dog buns. More Hamburger buns and more hot dog buns. Mental note to self: do not buy any buns for the next month. 2 lonely individual frozen b/s chicken breast. These must have fallen out of the bag of Tyson (or was it perdue?) that I bought from BJ’s a few months back. They are fine, it was just strange that they showed up on their own. 4 packages of the LARGE tortilla wrap things. Covered, and I mean COVERED in frosty stuff. Those went in the garbage. I’m figuring they’ve been in the freezer for oh, about 3 years. Yikes. Broccoli. Bags and bags of it. I have one 3 lb bag, and about 8 other 1 lb bags. Spread out among the 3 freezers. I do remember seeing a good sale and picking up 3 or 4 but come on, I’ve got way too much frozen broccoli. Too bad I don’t even like it, just hubby & daughter. The freezer is now nice and neat. Somewhat orderly. I actually typed up an excel spreadsheet with what’s in each freezer. Now I just need to remember to mark off when I take something out. If I’m up to it, I may post it later, just for kicks. There is still a lot of stuff in there!


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