Books that I’m reading (courtesy of the Broward County Library System) Bringing Down the House – story of the MIT students who won in Vegas at blackjack. We saw the special on the History Channel and of course, I wanted to read the book then. The book, well, it’s moving slow. I’m an avid reader and this just is not holding my attention, but I’m still plugging away. Cheap, Fast, Good – cookbook. This is by the authors of other books titled desperation Dinners & Desparation Entertaining. It has some recipes in there I’d like to try. Whether or not it would make my preparations any faster, well, that’s to be seen. I have not tested the recipes yet, but will post recipe & results when I do. The book is large, 496 pages total with most recipes taking one page. It’s easy reading, plenty of whitespace and a good font to read by. The authors have a personality that definitely comes through, which I really enjoy. As I’ve said, have not tried any recipes, but I may consider buying the book IF the recipes are good.


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