5th of May

Is a big day in Mexico and around here also (any reason to have a party!) ... It's also my birthday! :) Yup, hit 44. Wow. Will probably go down as the worse birthday in my life. I say it tongue in cheek. No air & sea show this year. Car still has not been fixed from dd's accident. Put boat in water on Thursday, broke down, had to be towed back to ramp, put back on trailer & brought home to work on for next 2 days. Saturday put back in water. Ran fine til slowed down. One of the motors was knocking. Turned it off and limped home on the other motor. DH & friends pulled all the sparkplugs. Couldn't get 'compression' on one (??). Another friend came over with one of them cool cameras on a springy thing to look at (he owns marina) ... motor is blown or something to that effect :( Thank god we have the extended service policy. But not sure if it's going to be 100% ok or not as we don't know if the breakdown on Thursday was the leading up to it? Ahhh. It's been fun :) DH got a carvel ice cream cake. It was yummy. Made (me) chicken burritos for dinner. Will post the recipe ... not too bad.


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