I can't believe I forgot to mention what I got at the garage sale for FREE at the end of the day: A Chi Vitalizer. Google it. I had to. I had been looking at it for the 2 days and kept asking the gal what the heck it was. I thought it was one of them neck massagers that you lay down on but no, you put your ankles on it and lay flat and the thing shakes the crap out of you. So. I tried it for 5 minutes yesterday morning. 15 minutes last night. 10 minutes this morning. I feel good. I will NOT claim that it's going to help me lose weight. I will NOT claim that it will make my immune system better or firm my belly, breast, etc. like the website does. However, I will say that my shoulder was not cramped up at the end of the day yesterday like it always is at work. Nor was my neck hurting. My wrist & thumb still hurt, but then again, that's to be expected . I think I will keep trying it daily, 2 times a day. It does feel weird when I'm done. My legs are tingly which is probably from all the jiggling around they do. Strange.


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