The church down the street was having their annual rummage sale so my neighbor had asked me a few weeks back if I wanted to join in on a block yard sale. Unfortunately, I had been taking a bunch of stuff to Goodwill in Jnauary as part of my New Year resolution to declutter. But I still had quite a bit of stuff, and stuff I was more willing to get rid of if I could get a little cash for it. Woke up Saturday morning, felt like crap. Walked next door, sat in a chair & looked at all the stuff. Finally around 11am, I went and brought some books, magazines and a few other things over. Made $18 by 2pm. Sunday, woke up, felt much much better. Started hauling stuff over. Of course, being Sunday, it was nowhere near as busy but still, ended up making $70+ by 2pm. Not bad. Didn’t have a whole lot to drag to the trunk to take to Goodwill. I’m actually thinking of taking it to the new thrift store in Wilton Manors called “Out of the Closet” … the proceeds benefit the AIDS Foundation. Anyways … I really really wish I had done it more on Saturday. Know I would have made so much more. I had stuff cheap, all clothing, books, magazines for 25 cents each. That stuff went quick. All the neighbors were surprised that the magazines sold. I was like why?? Coastal Living, Southern Living, Bon Appetite, etc. Those are high dollar magazines and heck, 25 cents for one that’s a year old. Why not??? Guess I AM the smart one! Did sell the african drums (2) for $20 each. Really would have liked to have gotten more ($30) but they were looked at a lot & checked out. Finally told someone $25, and he said both for $40 … took it. I really wish I had had time to go through the guest kitchen & clear out some of the dishes & glasses & such. Way too much over there for a 2nd kitchen. Oh well, maybe next time. Have been considering growing herbs, small plants, to sell every 8 weeks or so. Just do a plant sale every other month. Just not sure if I need some kind of license or something like that. May need to check in on that. Anything to make a little extra money that will benefit others too. Shoot, I bought a small bag of basil and one of mint. They were $1.99 each and guess what – the basil is turning black already!! Grrr. Me & another lady were tossing comments about the prices of food nowdays … which is what got me thinking about it. Still working on the taxes. Says I owe $4000 now. That stinks. Of course, I keep asking how that can possibly be but we did make some money last year. And for some reason, it’s not taking the medical writeoff on it … and not giving me the child tax credit. I know that we stayed within those guidelines needed to be able to write it off. DH said that maybe we should take it to an accountant. Grrr. If I can knock it down anymore, may have to just to be sure that I’ve got it right. Still may put in some $ to the IRA and see if that helps any too. So now I must get back to work and finish up some files …


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