Its windy & expecting showers & possible t-storms today. Yahoo, since they just said Lake O is below 10 feet. I'm telling you, they really need to come up with some kind of plan on what do to about the water situation down here. I've been trying to do my share by turning off the faucet when I brush, only doing full loads of laundry (sometimes too full though!), shorter showers, recycling water leftover from glasses to the plants AND saving my rinse water in dishpan to water the garden outside. At times like today, wish I had a rain barrel. Was off on Friday & Monday, so enjoyed a nice long weekend. Relaxing for the most part. Should have spent more time doing some of the things on my list, primarily organizing the mess of recipes I have. Could not for the life of me find the italian bread recipe we like, so bought a loaf for $2.29 which is unbelievable!!!! :( Gas has gone down in price to $2.95. A friend of mine once told me that this is how it's suppose to be, you get used to the $3 a gallon so when it drops below, you get excited. He is so right :( What ever happened to the shock of $2.00 a gallon!!! DH has applied for his job. I still just find this funny and odd. He said that he has not heard (through the grapevine) of anyone else internally applying. We dont' know what we will do if the relo is firm. Guess it depends on the $ part, of course. I don't even know if it's really even cheaper to live in OK. Then again, anyplace is probably cheaper in the long run. Granted, I live in paradise, but pay for it in more ways than one. Not sure what the time frame is for the hiring process. Heck, he could be without a job by month end. Actually, need to see if he's on a the list of projects coming up in early March ... that would say a lot. I'm not going to get myself too worked up about it though. I've been sticking to the menu plan, sort of :) We ended up doing leftovers on Friday, which is not normal for us. Did pork tenderloin on Saturday, leftovers again on Sunday (friends came over & we worked on the boat motors most of the afternoon) and pasta with garlic bread Monday. Tonight will be cubano sandwiches with the left over pork tenderloin. Still need to make my heart cutouts for valentines day. I stick them in odd places for dh to find throughout the day. I will be upset if he sends flowers to work again. For years (20) he didn't and we had an agreement not to, since it's so darn expensive. Then suddenly, last year, he sent some and I cried, I was so surprised. Now it's like an expensive routine :( Ok, gotta go get ready for work. 8:30 meeting. My one atty goes in for removal of skin cancer today. Don't know if it's basile cell or what yet. Will have to ask when I see. Unfortunately, it's above his eyebrow and to the outside of eye. This will be uncomfortable for him when done, I'm sure. I know so many people who have had to have a lot of stuff removed. One friend had to pretty much have his upper ear cosmetically restructured after removal. They keep scooping and cutting til all is done :( Have a great Tuesday!


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