It's 6:15 in the morning and I am patiently waiting for our cold front to come through. Thank god! It's been in the upper 80's for over a week and I just so want a break from my electric bill!! I've been browsing the internet this morning and found a few neat websites. Of course, then I started to feel guilty for not keeping up on my own. How pathetic :) Nah. Just been busy living life :) Tonight for dinner will be teriyaki thighs & my sesame noodles. That's what brought me online actually was to try and find a suitable subsitute for sherry. Need it to marinate thighs. Think I'm going with the madiera wine ... things across the board popped up....but that sounds the most reasonable. Been doing our taxes. Said this year I would use turbotax for $80 purchase price instead of $500-$700 for an accountant. Will give a review of the software shortly, but so far, says we need to pay $3800. :( I knew we would have to pay something, just didn't think that much ... crumb! So keep an eye out for the recipes for tonight & the turbo tax review.


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