Ds is home again from school today. He was out last Monday & Tuesday. Must be a relapse. But now he has the chills...will be calling the dr when I get to work. He has not needed to see a doctor since he was in elementary school (at least 4 years) ... so it will be good for him to go. DH has therapy this morning. Hopefully they will make the new brace that the dr wants to use. Then he can really focus on getting the placement he needs :) He also has a cat scan set up for Thursday at 6:30am ... hoping that shows great progress and we won't need to go back to Louisville anytime soon. Otherwise, mid March. I had to make my list this morning as I keep forgetting to make calls. So the list consist of this: gas, drycleaners (dd's rotc uniform), walgreens (pics that I had ordered online), call ds dr, call gyno, call eye dr (ds & me). Then I also have cvs on there. Don't ask why. I really should also put down Target (return shorts for ds) and sports authority (pick up new shorts for ds), blockbuster (trade in dvd I've been carrying around for 4 weeks) and a few other things :) Dh said the job was posted last night at 5pm. He's already making phone calls to those outside that he knows & can get some insight on. One guy has already offered the chance to consult. $600 a day. Geeesh. But like we both agreed, no benefits and he needs to remain insured (health) or we will really be in big trouble financially. I know that if this goes south like he expects, we will have to do the cobra, and quite honestly, I'd say that we keep HIM and let me & the kids go on the wayside for now. Of course, that depends on what happens for me at the gyno. That would probably lower the cost from $2K to $500-$700 a month. Cobra is great, but damn, it's expensive. I reactivated the gym membership for dh yesterday. I guess he wants to get back to the gym & build up his strength again. That is fine with me. If it keeps his stress level down, I'm all for it. Wish it didn't cost $67 a month though :) But meds cost that much if not more! I may pop in there & check it out. The last time I was there, I walked out, crowded, equipment was worn out and it just didn't sit well with me. Now that I've started it up though, need to at least look at some of the classes. If nothing else, I really like the aqua classes, but NOT if the pool is only 72 like it used to be. That is way too cold for me!! :) Spoiled, I know!!


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