Ds finally finally finally went to school today. He sounds much better, so the antibiotics are definately what he needed. Dh had his cat scan this morning. Keeping fingers crossed that the results are good and we won't need to worry about traveling back & forth to KY much more. Dh needs to get to work on his resume as he needs to submit it with the job posting. I have just resigned myself to the fact that yes, we will be back to a single family household. I need to be really cracking and getting all the dr appts out of the way so that won't be as much of an issue in the end. Also need to be calling the bug man & cancel that service (around $67 a month, 10 times a year and $22 the other 2 months). This is really bad, but since I renewed the gym membership for $66 a month, I figured, heck, if I go 3 mornings a week (before work), get all worked out, hot & sweaty, I can take my shower THERE and save money on the water bill at home. We are under Phrase III water restrictions right now which means the cost of water is sky high with extra surcharges added on depending on how much water you use...the more you use, the higher the tier is. Now, is that cheap, frugal or plain thrifty??!! I can't decide. But then again, I could just go straight to work and not have to go that early in the morning then too. Hmmm. I do plan on going tomorrow (Friday) morning since I'm off and I can scope things out to see how the equipment is holding up. Better not be ragged. Dh and I both agreed that if it's an issue, we will cancel totally and find somewhere else to go. Since Survivor starts tonight and me & ds watch together, I will pull all the leftovers out of fridge for dinner. Dd & her b/f will be here since he's not allowed over Sun to Wedn (school nights)...they have all Fridays off ...


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