Congrats to the Giants!

Not a huge football fan but am so very glad I watched the game last night. It was more of curiosity of the commercials & Tom Petty, but regardless, ended up watching from start to finish. Great game!! Of course, as soon as it was over, lights out for me! So blew the grocery budget already!! Went to Publix on Sunday for eggs, milk, dales, liquid smoke, and a few produce items. Did not get any produce as it was crumby looking and expensive. Did get chips, and all kinds of other stuff that was NOT on my list!! :( $65+ as I need to find my receipt. :( I will be posting another post here on the latest with DH and his job. Just goes to show you how fast things turn and how Corporate America can and will do what they need to do ... Kids were sick most of the week last week, sounds better this morning. Hoping I do not get sick. Need to make appt for eye doctor for me & ds for Friday (off) and gyno for Monday for me. Need to take dd in to gyno too, but will check out this dr that comes highly recommended. As I hang my head in shame, I admit that I have not had a pap since 1998. And I know there are probably some issues to be dealt with, which is why I am going to this particular doctor. I am hoping, hoping, praying that I will qualify for a procedure called NovaSure. :) Of course, providing everything else can be fixed & then I will be a candidate.


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